Theodoros Panagopoulos

Theodoros Panagopoulos

Guitar Composer

Welcome friends of music

My name is Thodoris Panagopoulos
   I am Prof. of Classical Guitar at Conservatories of Pyrgos and Kalamata (Greece). 31 years experience. 
  Artistic Director & Manager of Hellinikon Odeon Dep. Of Pyrgos. 
  Prof. Music Editor with Sibelius & Finale notation progr. Cubase – WaveLab- ProTools. 19 years experience. 
  Teacher and Conductor of Mixed Choir of Pyrgos Ilias (Greece) ,  13 years experience. 

  Specialist in Microsoft suite – Photoshop - CorelDraw

I was Manager / Executive Director of International Guitar Festival of Volos – Naxos (Greece) from 1999 to 2009.

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Weltmusik / Ethno / Griechische
Weltmusik / Ethno / Griechische
Weltmusik / Ethno / Griechische
Weltmusik / Ethno / Griechische
Weltmusik / Ethno / Griechische
Weltmusik / Ethno / Griechische
En Kalamais
Weltmusik / Ethno / Griechische
Song for Peter
Blues / Instrumentalmusik
Eight easy pieces for Guitar
Weltmusik / Ethno
Song for Electra
Weltmusik / Ethno / Griechische
04 Juli 2020, Artikel
Safety box
An empty box of medicine or cosmetic to the size you desire. You need to make a hole in the center of the cap A clothes hook to the size you want, depending on the size of the box. A wooden ball or plastic or anything that can be screwed to ...
14 April 2017, Artikel
This is the first electronic metronome made in Greece from my hands to the limited number of 350 pieces, from April to June 1984. Sold and freely given 258. Now I only have 2. I think it was yesterday.
27 November 2016, Artikel
A Toy
Toy No 1